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GuinnCovert Ventures’ Managing Partner, Colin Guinn, was CEO of DJI NA the world’s largest drone company and pioneered an entire multi-billion dollar industry. We believe in the expansive power of hardware and software working together to facilitate global efficiencies in infrastructure, from tech impacting inspection in remote and underwater areas to agriculture on the world’s plains to the future generations of smart cities that form our urban centers.   We manage early stage investments that form an ecosystem for breakthrough change that will lead to a new future of infrastructure.

2019 FLIR acquires Aeryon Labs for $200MM

2017 Verizon acquired Skyward

2016 Intel acquires Movidius for $400MM

2016 FLIR acquires Prox Dynamics for $134MM

Aerovironment publicly traded performance

DJI has a $15BN valuation with Sequia investing at $1.6BN and Accel investing at $8BN

Successful investments in the drone space to date have been focused primarily on hardware technology to date.



Texas Real Estate - AUSTIN: Multi-family development with longtime partner CNL

Austin has been on the leaderboard for national growth in many ways for many years and is still attracting attention from Google, Apple, IBM, Oracle and many others in the form of $1B+ major investments in the downtown and surrounding areas creating thousands of new jobs. Multi-family is the premier choice for the rapidly growing workforce and the sector has done quite well for several years. We are interested in growth areas and development opportunities South and South East of town with CNL and Daniel Corp.

Colorado Real Estate - Aspen Area: Ground-up 149 acres

AngelView in Twin Lakes, CO

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