Building companies is hard, but it is also highly rewarding. We believe that if you really distill the successful traits down to a few, you will be left with a refined list similar to this: Good product, right time, more capital than you think you need, a visionary leader, a conservative left-tackle, and most importantly there must be a great team. Not a good team. You absolutely need a great team.

We operate with this tenet in mind first. Covert Ventures builds companies, and works with and invests in great entrepreneurs. We have our own businesses and we identify other great teams to work together with as well.

We are investment partners and operating partners in early stage companies in various sectors including:

Real Estate: In real estate we are operators, partners and advisors to US based real estate projects and funds. Today we are focused on Texas and Colorado projects specifically opportunity zones, multi-family, resort and residential in Texas and Colorado. Our projects include long time team partners and some of the best in their respective specialties. Our Colorado project is 149 acres of Opportunity Zone development in one of the most beautiful places in the US. Our Texas holdings and projects are equally exciting including a Class A multi-family development.

Technology: In hardware and software technology, we have been an investor and advisor for our own funds, several early stage firms, and advisor to family offices. In 2016 we created our own fund with the family office of one of the largest social network technology companies in the world. Today we are partners with the co-founder of the largest drone company in the world to create the VC firm GuinnCovert Ventures and advisors to Top Quartile VC firm Crosslink Capital.

Energy: We have founded and invested in traditional and alternative energy companies, including building the largest bio-diesel refinery in the world, and acquiring minerals and drilling wells in some of the most prolific shale plays. From 2011-2013 Larry Covert was CEO of a subsidiary NYSE traded E&P firm with a $3B enterprise value (2012). We pursue educated risk investment opportunities predominantly in North American oil and natural gas assets, which may include (i) oil and gas working interests; (ii) minerals and royalties; and (iii) midstream assets (iv) opportunistic financings, structured either through asset-level investments or through structured investments in businesses owning these interests and/or related assets.

We employ a differentiated approach to investing in oil and gas, which includes a flexible investment mandate and active risk management strategy complemented by deep industry expertise.